Company Profile

Don Estes Consulting provides the direct consultancy services of Don Estes, and is the point of integration for his international network of specialized consultants and technologies that can be deployed to solve a variety of specialized IT problems.

Areas of particular interest:

  • Digitalization of both front-end and back-end IT applications
    • Front-end systems of engagement:
      • Optimization of the user experience to meet the expectations of both digital natives and digital immigrants
      • Integration of mobility
      • Integration with social media
      • Integration of the Internet of Things
    • Back-end systems of record (aka legacy applications):
      • Optimization of business processes, especially when aided by business architecture information
      • Business rule extraction, especially using our patent pending dynamic business rule extraction technology to yield a guaranteed 100% of active business rules
      • Declarative programming methodologies, including business rule management systems, data driven application design, domain specific languages and semantic platforms
      • Gradual deployment into production with extended production parallel testing to prevent any impact on business operations
    • Data analytics to drive both front-end and back-end system evolution
  • Modernization of legacy assets through renovation
    • Infrastructure changes such as language, platform, or database change
    • Restructuring legacy code to significantly reduce the cost of maintenance
    • Re-platforming legacy applications to mainframe Linux, to Unix, or to Intel
  • Modernization of legacy assets through re-architecting
  • IT project risk analysis and risk mitigation
    • Low risk and low cost project architecture solutions to replace aging legacy applications with modern implementations
    • Testing, test automation, and risk optimized testing
    • Agile programming and agile project management
    • IT procurement, especially procurement of legacy modernization services
    • Vendor management and project oversight

The consultancy enjoys both vendor and end user clients.  Vendors utilize our services to gain technological depth in novel projects, and to be able to explain complex proposals to both management and technical staff.  End users employ us for specialized knowledge, solution architecture, and vendor procurement and management, and to provide external quality assurance and progress monitoring for critical projects.