Unique Products and Services

We consider these 3 products to be important for strategic and tactical modernization and/or legacy replacement projects.  Contact us for more information.


MSS Synchronizer

Automated testing and database synchronization framework for strategic modernization projects, with the design and primary implementation oversight provided by Don Estes Consulting.

Test Harness 2000

Automated testing product for COBOL renovation projects, with the design and lead implementation provided by Don Estes Consulting.  Also used by Forecross Corporation under the TestSentinel brand.

Raincode Restructuring

Fully automated service for unattended COBOL restructuring (“de-spaghettizing”) which we consider a key modernization capability for tactical projects that start from COBOL source. Some 4GL’s (Pacbase, CoolGen, MetaCOBOL, etc.) that generate COBOL source as an intermediate language can utilize COBOL restructuring as part of an incremental modernization strategy.

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