CICS Emulators

Emulators provide CICS compatible processing in open systems environments. There are 8 products of which we are aware:


Licensing Companies/Products Windows AIX Solaris HP-UX zLinux Intel Linux
Dell/Clerity Unikix (note 1) yes yes yes yes yes yes
GT Software NeoKicks
(note 2)
yes no no no no no
Heirloom Computing, Inc. (note 3)
HTWC XFrame (note 4) yes yes yes yes yes yes
IBM TX-Series (note 5) yes yes yes yes no no
Micro Focus Server Enterprise Edition (note 6) yes yes yes yes yes yes
Oracle Tuxedo ART (note 7) yes yes yes yes * yes
Tmaxsoft Openframe no yes yes yes yes yes


  1. In 2007 Clerity ( acquired the legacy modernization unit of Sun Microsystems, including the CICS compatible Mainframe Transaction Processing software branded as Unikix.  This is the oldest CICS emulator on open systems, and claims 1200 licenses in production worldwide, some as much as 15 years old.  Unikix is a fully featured offering for the platforms it supports.  Clerity was acquired by Dell in 2012.
  2. GT Software also offers a CICS to .NET capability that is very interesting if you are committed to a Windows platform. Outside of the USA, contact a NetCOBOL distributor.
  3. Heirloom Computing, Inc. provides a Platform As A Service solution that includes CICS emulation in their cloud environment
  4. In North America, contact (formerly Speedware).
  5. In our opinion, commitment of IBM to this product is in doubt, and support in the US was problematic when last we inquired.  However, the product has a large installed base, so you should form your own opinion after discussions with IBM.
  6. Also supports IMS/TM, IMS/DB, JCL and now PL/1 applications.  Note that Micro Focus was acquired by Attachmate in late 2014.
  7. Also supports IMS/TM and JCL.

* Check with vendor for information about anticipated general availability.


Any broken links or identified errors in the list above, please post a comment below. Thanks!


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  1. Graham Owen says:

    A quick update on the Micro Focus offering. The latest is Enterprise Server 2.2.1 and we also support applications developed in PL/I.

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