Our Services

Don Estes Consulting can provide a customized solution to meet your specific needs, from a basic assessment up to and including the architecture and management of your overall modernization program, or any specific phase, such as business rule extraction, testing or data migration.

The following summarizes the services about which we are most frequently contacted, with additional information on each link.


Whether you are considering a strategic or a tactical modernization, or whether your project is already in progress, the first step is an assessment. We need to get our arms around your existing assessment, your vision for the future, and your plans to get there. If your project has hit a speedbump or two, we need to understand why.

At that point, we can provide both our findings and recommendations for alternatives that we think you may wish to consider. The methodology that we employ for an assessment is described at length in our Application Modernization Assessment Methodology.


In all major life decisions, you are well advised to get a second or third opinion from an objective source. Modernization certainly counts as a major decision in the life of your organization, and we can provide that independent voice with a wide industry perspective in an oversight role as your project gathers momentum or during its entire span. Oversight is a continuation of the original assessment process, and is also described in our Application Modernization Assessment Methodology.

Business Rule Extraction

As we discuss at length in our essay on business rule extraction, this is the heart of any strategic modernization. Errors and omissions in the business rules governing your processes can have disproportionate impact on both your project and on the day to day operations upon which your organization depends.

We bring a unique perspective to business rule extraction, including the capability to perform dynamic business rule extraction to achieve a 100% complete set of business rules. We have experience with multiple static business rule extraction tools, and understand where the process can go right and where it can go wrong.

We can take complete responsibility for business rule extraction, or provide close attention to this process as part of a more general oversight role.

Modernization Testing

Modernization testing is fundamentally different from conventional software development testing in that we must prove that the new application not only meets the formal requirements, but that there are neither errors nor omissions in the business rules that govern critical processing.

In some projects, we have created customized solutions to provide automatic testing for the project. In general there are no commercial of the shelf solutions to provide automated testing for modernization projects, but we can provide a framework solution that can be readily adapted to your specific requirements. Contact us for details.